Sponsor FAQs

Potential Bag Sponsors Frequently Asked Questions
Is my business a good fit to be a Housewarmers Gift Bag Sponsors?

It is if you are interested in reaching New Residents as soon as possible! The majority of our Sponsors are locally-owned businesses because they see our service as an effective way to get newcomers through their doors. Some of the most common businesses that our successful in the Housewarmers program are:


  • Churches
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, Pediatricians, Dentists, Chiropractors, OB-GYNs, Orthodontists
  • Medical Services: Hospitals, Clinics, Quick-Care Centers
  • Home Repair and Maintenance: Lawn Care & Landscaping, Handyman, HVAC providers, Windows, Painting, Fencing, Pools, Carpet Cleaning
  • Home Furnishings: Furniture, Drapes & Window Coverings; Flooring
  • Professional Services: Insurance, Accounting/Taxes
  • Financial Services: Banking, Credit Union, Investment Services
  • Children’s Services: Schools, Recreation, Sports, Tutoring
  • Health & Fitness: Gyms, Personal Trainers, Community Recreational Centers
  • Recreation & Leisure: Bowling Alleys, Golf Courses, Community Theater, Fine Arts
  • Food: Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries, Live Music Venues
  • Clothing: Boutiques, Children’s Shops, Resale Shops
  • Retail Shops: Florists, Home Décor Shops, Gift Shops
  • Pet Services: Veterinarian, Grooming, Board/Pet Sitting
  • Auto Services: Oil Change, Maintenance, Tires, Car Wash
How do you get the names of New Residents?

The collective buying power of all our Housewarmers affiliates allows us to access these names. They come from a variety of sources that are carefully filtered to make sure these are true New Residents, not just folks who have changed utility providers or refinanced their house. Every month, our Sponsors receive a list of the names of everyone we’ve “Housewarmed,” along with additional information we’ve collected. These are verified addresses. Many businesses find that is one of the best parts of our service!

My local Chamber of Commerce has a new resident bag that is free to members. Why should I pay for your service? Aren't they the same thing?

Not at all! Our research has shown that most of these bags are handed out through utility companies or left on a new resident’s doorstep. When you look through these bags, you’ll find lots of pens and pencils, business cards and pieces of paper. A few coupons are usually included, but these are often for a percentage off a purchase. While we think that anything that helps new residents get settled into a community is a good thing, Housewarmers offers real value for each Sponsor because we:

  • Put together an exciting mix of gifts that are useful and appreciated, so your business name remains in front of the customer longer
  • Carefully select the one business in each category we want to recommend
  • Have a collection of offers in our Gift Certificate book with real value, so new residents are eager to redeem them
  • Never leave a bag on a doorstep if no one is home
  • Greet each New Resident like the neighbor down the street
  • Personally recommend the Sponsors as the “best in the area”
  • Use the power of “word of mouth” marketing
  • Provide each Sponsor with the names and addresses of each new resident we “Housewarmed”
  • Offer suggestions on ways to use the list for follow-up marketing
  • List each sponsoring business on our local Housewarmers website
  • Follow up with regular newsletters to New Residents to tell them what’s going on the in the community and in Sponsor businesses

When you add up all these services, it’s easy to see that a Housewarmers welcome is worth the money!

How does an affiliation with Housewarmers help me? Can't I just do this by myself?

Yes, you might. But as a Housewarmers gift bag sponsor, you’ll be part of a quality operation, with a proven track record of advertising success. We have the experience to showcase your business to New Residents in the best possible light. Furthermore, Housewarmers is a registered trademark which has gained recognition as the gold standard for home greeting services in Texas and the Southwest. If you tried to do what we do, the costs would be prohibitive. Still not sure? Learn about the Hidden Value of a Housewamers Welcome.

How soon do you deliver a Housewarmers bag to New Residents after they move in?

We try to reach them within a month of moving in. Sometimes we’re there with the moving van!

Why should I deliver to just a few people when I can use mass marketing to reach lots of people?

Sure you can use the same money for mailings or print ads in larger quantities. But how do you know your offer has been seen? Most mass marketing ends up in the “junk” pile. Our personal-delivery approach combined with word of mouth recommendation is a very powerful way to market. And we specifically target people who are actively looking for your services!

New Residents are one of the hardest groups to reach. They have not had time to get connected in the community when we welcome them. With satellite radio and cable television, they may not be tuned in to the local stations. They probably don’t take the newspaper or know about local media either. Housewarmers Greeters go straight to the door.

How can I be sure Housewarmers is working?

Our Good Neighbor 7-Point Marketing System™ means your message will touch New Residents at least 7 times, which is more than other forms of marketing. You make a lasting impression.

We are your partner in promoting your business. We help you track the response through the following:


  • Gift Certificate redemptions – the offer must be exciting to bring new customers through the door. We’ll work with you to make sure the offer works.
  • New Resident lists offer you the opportunity for follow-up marketing and to check against your new customers/client/patient lists.
  • Your business is spotlighted with our Greeters.
  • Community newsletters continue to keep your business name in front of New Residents – and many local folks who want to keep up on what’s going on around town each month.
  • Regular contact with Housewarmers means that we continually work with you to refine the word-of-mouth message, your Gift Certificate offer, and Gift Bag gift and marketing materials to maximize the impact. We want to be your partner in promoting your business!

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